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Relax and "zen out" while watching intricate fractals being built before your eyes. See beautiful color combinations never before witnessed. Zen Mandelbrot finds sections of the Mandelbrot set never before seen by anyone else, and you are almost guaranteed never to see the same image twice!

While the Zen Mandelbrot is running, you may interact with it using the following keys:

[F12] or [P] will take a high quality picture of the screen and save it to your Pictures\Zen Mandelbrot folder.
[Print Screen] will save the picture to your Zen Mandelbrot folder as well as copy it to the clipboard.
[F] will freeze the colors and stop them from shifting and keep from going to the next image. click [F] again to restart the show. While frozen, the image will be slightly higher quality.
[N] will change the palette to give the current pattern a facelift.
[+] will zoom in some more right away.
[-] will zoom out right away.
[=] will find a new random starting location within the Mandelbrot set.

The main configuration dialog for Zen Mandelbrot can be brought up by bringing up your screen saver settings. Right click anywhere on your desktop and choose Personalize (if using Vista) or Properties (Windows XP). Then click on Screen Saver. Choose the Zen Mandelbrot screen saver, and click Settings to customize your experience. If the Zen Mandelbrot shortcuts were added to your desktop or to your Start Programs (under Zen Dog Software), you can bring up the dialog directly.

TimingSet up the minimum time between slides, and how far a particular location will continue to be zoomed in to.

Image StuffChoose your fractal type, complexity (iteration range), and quality of antialiasing (higher settings look smoother but run slower)

ColorsExperiment! You'll see your changes previewed to the right.

PowerTell Zen Mandelbrot to slow down and use less power after a while to save energy.

Preview WindowClick and drag within the preview window to pan around. Right-click and drag up or down to zoom in or out. Hold the Ctrl key and left-click-drag to rotate.

Purchase NowWhen available, you can buy the program to remove the little reminders.

UpdatesDo you have the latest version? Click Updates to find out.