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If you have any questions that aren't answered here, or have some comments on the program, just send email to zen@zendogsoftware.com.


Q: When will Zen Light be finished?
A:You can purchase it now! Just click the Buy Now button

Q: Why does the screen just goes all White and nothing happens?
A:Some older systems do not support all the features of OpenGL. Go to the Options tab and check 'Use GDI instead of OpenGL' and see if that fixes it.

Q: Nothing happens when I click on the desktop icons (Zen Light Properties or Show Zen Light)?
A:Some systems may not support these scripts. You can always access Zen Light's controls from the Control Panel/Display/Screen Saver tab. To add a working icon to your desktop, navigate to your Windows\System32 folder, then right click and drag "ZenLight.scr" from there to your desktop, choosing 'Create Shortcut Here'. You can double-click this new icon to start Zen Light, or right-click and choose 'Configure' to bring up the settings dialog.

Q: When will there be more FAQs?
A:Watch this space for more as the questions come in.

  Return Policy

Zen Dog Software titles for Windows are sold as shareware, which means you can try out the software for free and without risk. You can decide to purchase the software only after it meets your satisfaction. Once a purchase is made and a registration code is sent, there is no way to unsend it. This is why our policy is to only provide refunds in cases where the software contains a specific problem or does not perform as we described and we are unable to correct the issue. Please evaluate the software first before you decide to buy it.

All titles for Windows are available for download and trial risk free. When a user purchases a license, an unlocking key will be sent which gives full unrestricted use of the application. No material goods are shipped as this is a completely digital transfer.

All sales of App Store software titles for iPhone or iPod Touch are final. Please view the demos on this site to see if the software will meet your needs first.