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The main configuration dialog for Zen Light can be brought up by bringing up your screen saver settings. Right click anywhere on your desktop and choose Personalize (if using Vista) or Properties (Windows XP). Then click on Screen Saver. Choose the Zen Light screen saver, and click Settings to customize your experience. If the Zen Light shortcuts were added to your desktop or to your Start Programs (under Zen Dog Software), you can bring up the dialog directly.

While the Zen Light is running, you may interact with it using the following keys:

[Caps Lock] will start interactive mode. Move your mouse to swish the patterns around!
[F12] or [P] will take a picture of the screen and save it to the folder chosen under Options.
[1] to [9] and [0] will change the symmetry and number of reflections.
[N] will go to the next pattern if viewing a slide show.

Click a tab on the left to learn about those specific settings.

FavoritesExplore all the pattern settings, and when you come up with something cool and unique, simply Add it to the list of Favorites. Once added, you can recall the setting again at any time, put it into the Slideshow rotation, or share it with friends.

Evolve Settings NowAdjust most all the design parameters just a little bit to give a slightly difrferent pattern. Use this to explore and find new designs.

Allow Pattern DriftThis one always starts off displaying the original settings, but as time goes on the pattern evolves more and more.

PowerIf running on a laptop, or you just want to conserve energy (while still being able to enjoy the beautiful displays), set a maximum CPU usage limit. Zen Light will try to ensure that its calculations will not cause the total CPU usage to go above this level. If you are using energy settings to turn off your monitor after a certain amount of time, then you can tell Zen Light to also lower its CPU usage after a certain amount of time as well.

Preview Click it to test yoru settings out full screen.

My Zen LightClick the About box to see both my dog, and the 'My Zen Light' button, which brings up youer personalized information that will be saved when you save a Favorite. This information will be visible to others if you share settings you've come up with when they are viewed in a slideshow.

UpdatesDo you have the latest version? Click Updates to find out.