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Watch as cascading silver balls ring a chorus of chimes, creating a soothing soundscape for meditation, relaxation, or just a unique alternative to wind chimes. Many chime sounds and musical scales are available to suit your mood.

♪  Interact by tilting to roll balls, or touching bells on and off
Change the bell size from very tiny to really large for musical effect
Chimes sparkle as they sound off
Musical scales and chord progressions
Seven favorites, including one you can customize yourself
Four sound choices: Wind Chimes, Bamboo, Ice, or Spacey vibes
High CD quality (44.1KHz stereo) audio

How to Use
- Simply Tilt to roll balls in different directions.
- Press the bubble level to reset the direction of gravity so you can rest your iPhone on any surface and watch the balls fall.
- Touch circles at screen bottom to start up to five balls falling at once!
- Touch screen to add or remove bell chimes while balls are falling.
- Clear all the balls, then play the chimes yourself by touching them.
- Touch the arrow to bring up favorites or customize settings.

When two balls hit each other, the chime tones will progress to the next chord or the next key, depending on the musical scale chosen.

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