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♪  Tilt to roll balls in different directions, and adjust their speed
Touch the bubble level to reset the direction of gravity to 'flat'
Touch circles in the lower right to add or remove balls
Touch bells while balls are falling to remove or add them back
Touch bells when all balls are put away to play the chimes yourself
Press arrow to bring up favorites or customization settings

When two balls hit each other, the chime tones will progress to the next chord or the next key, depending on the musical scale chosen.

Customize Settings

Use the Bell Ring Duration slider to change how long a bell sounds after being struck by a ball. Higher settings will ring the bell longer while the lowest settings sound more plucky.

Many popular Musical Scales are available, or even create your own by choosing the 'Custom' scale. The piano display will show which notes will be played. Click on one of the piano keys to let the chimes sound in the scale and key of your choice. For 'Chords', the notes for the first chord in the progression will be shown. When two balls hit each other, the next chord in the progression (or the next key if a scale is chosen) will be played.

Choose a Tone to use as your chime bell. Chimes sound like long wind chimes at long durations, and "plinky" at short durations. Bamboo music has a more wooden feel to the sound. Ice gives the effect of playing resonating crystal glasses and usually sounds kind of eerie. And finally, Space chimes have an out-of-this-world etherial vibratto.

Adjust the Bell Size slider to make your bells as big or as small as you like. With larger sized bells, balls take longer to fall through their obsticle course.

Turn on the Walls to keep the balls within the screen boundaries, otherwise they will keep falling through, appearing on the opposite side of the screen as they go off.

For more entertainment, turn on the Pop! setting to have the bells pop and disappear as they are struck. Once all the bells are cleared, they'll start reappearing... try to get them before they all come back!

Once you come up with a stellar setting, you can click Save As My Favorite so it can be recalled at any time by choosing 'My Favorite' from the main screen. The main menu also has six other music zones you can bring up at any time.

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