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To view any of the patterns below, install the new Zen Light screensaver or try out the Zen Light Window desktop app for live interacting with the designs, both for Windows. The Documentation page describes what's new in this version.

The download button gives you a small .zen file which you can drag and drop onto Zen Window, or double-click to add as a new Zen Light screensaver favorite. All these patterns below are also all available from within the Zen Light Settings dialog under the Library tab.

Registered users can add new settings to this library, but it's free to download and add these to your Zen Light Favorites.

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Yantra is an Eastern word for a visul mantra, or focus of meditation.
As with most of mine, best played with music and by itself vs in a slide show, in order to allow it to develop and amaze you.

Downloads: 80
Created: 2015-02-03 by
John Everest (Arizona)