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Zen Light is more than just a screen saver - it is an infinitely ever-changing pattern generator that builds extremely intricate and beautiful designs from the contributions of thousands of individual particles. The display is constantly in motion and evolving - you will never see the exact same image twice. Be captivated by the natural rhythms and endless outpourings of color and light. Let the organic imagery, chaotic yet ordered, fire your imagination and creativity!

Now with instant sharing of patterns with all Zen Light users! Come up with some novel settings of your own and easily submit them to the Zen Light World Library for others to enjoy.

Amazing Audio Synchronization! See your music in a new light with the Audio visualizations feature and some audio specific favorites (click the 'Audio' tab in Settings to try it out).

Dozens of Favorites compe pre-installed in the Settings dialog, but don't let it end there. Making even small changes to the pattern settings can have profound and stunningly beautiful consequences. Use Slideshow mode to let Zen Light choose patterns at random, or meditate on a single favorite.

Zen Light can create an infinite variety of both kaleidoscopic and natural forms that resemble nature such as flowers, clouds, nebulae, aurora (northern lights), abstract and impressionist paintings, fireworks, snowflakes, rainbow colored fire, bubbles, and all manner of shimmering light patterns and fluid motion.

The complex patterns that arise are based on a very few simple mathematical formulas that govern how a single particle interacts with its environment. When thousands of particles (or more) are thrown into the simulation, very intricate and unexpected patterns emerge, given a few environmental rules (see Home settings) and a starting point (see Pattern settings). The colors chosen are a reflection of the state of each particle. When added all up, the emergent behavior of the collection of particles gives rise to beautiful images that you never would have predicted.

Since the light shows produced can be as complex as your computer can perform (using as many CPU cores as your system has when run full usage), some green energy-saving options have been included to limit the CPU usage if you like (by limiting the maximum percentage of total CPU power to use, or to throttle down CPU usage after a specified amount of time, or both).

Built with Windows 7 in mind, Zen Light can take advantage of multiple monitors and can be installed on 64-bit Windows as well.

Visit the Gallery to see some example screen shots, or see the Documentation to learn more about all the various settings.

Please see our support page for support information, FAQs, and policies.