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Zen out while letting your musical creativity flow! Light and sound spill forth from the slightest touch. Even if you've never played an instrument before, just let your fingers create beautiful harmonies with Zen Music. Chords play in a variety of musical scales and keys, or freeform gliding tones flow similar to an electronic theremin.

♪  Light and sound with just a touch
Colors that harmonize with the music
Draw out music with the drag of your fingers
Use drags and taps at same time for some tone over tone action
Finger-paint with the lighting effects to create your own light show
Use a finger or two from each hand to move the light streams creating a zen-chanting display
Five tones at once: a polyphony of up to five simultaneous sound streams
Musical scales and chord progressions
Freeform pitch with no musical scale at all
Seven music zones which includes one you can create yourself
Control the amount of echo
Add vibrato by gently shaking
Four instrument choices: pure tones, hollow tubes, grand pipe organ, or chimes
Show notes and their frequencies
Make music on your own or play a duet with your friend touching the screen at the same time
High CD quality (44.1KHz stereo) audio

How to Use
- Simply touch screen to draw out music from each finger.
- Slide fingers left and right to hear the stereo sounds from each side.
- Slide fingers up and down to change the musical pitch higher and lower.
- Shake gently to vary pitch or give vibrato *.
- Touch the bubble arrow at the screen bottom while playing sounds to change chords or musical key.
- Touch the arrow to customize or choose a new music zone.

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