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Touch Controls

♪  Touch screen to draw out music from up to five fingers at once
Slide fingers left and right to pan
Slide up and down to change pitch
Gently shake to add vibrato effects
Press the Arrow to bring up the settings
Press the bubble arrow while playing music to change chord or key
Press arrow and slide off it to also change chord or key any time
Subtle pitch variations respond to slight finger movements up or down

Customize Settings

Use the Effect Amount slider to add some stereo echo to broaden the soundfield. Higher settings give more pronounced and longer echoes.

Play music in tune with many popular Musical Scales, or even create your own by choosing the 'Custom' scale. The piano display will show which notes will be played. Click on one of the piano keys to play the scale in the key of your choice. If playing 'Chords', the notes for the first chord in the progression will be shown. In practice, you can progress to the next chord by touching the Arrow while playing music (the arrow will show a bubble on it to indicate a chord progression or key change, in the case of a scale, will be performed). And finally, you may choose 'No Scale' which will not fix your notes to any predefined musical scale. This gives a theremin-like effect since the pitch is directly related to your finger position.

Choose a Tone to use as your instrument. Pure tones generate pure sine waves (note that lower pitched sine waves are not audible on the device's speaker, so headphones will make a big difference on this one). Tubes will create more hollow yet pleasent sounding tones. Pipes will sound a grand pipe organ, best appreciated when played loudly on a home stereo system. And finally, Chimes can create sounds like wind chimes, bells, xylophones, steel drums, deep tonal drums, etc.

Learn the notes and frequencies associated with each musical tone by turning on Show Frequencies.

Once you come up with a stellar setting, you can click Save As My Favorite so it can be recalled at any time by choosing 'My Favorite' from the main screen. The main menu also has six other music zones you can bring up at any time. If you want to create more glissando effects, start with 'Slippery Slides' and customize from there. Otherwise, start from any other setting for the normal quick note transitions.

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