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Here you will find some audio examples of what you may hear when you enjoy using Zen Music. Since the music is in stereo, listening with high quality headphones or through a good home stereo system is advised.

Polyphony of up to five sounds at once can be achieved. Panning is done by touching the screen left to right. Pitch is changed by touching the screen top to bottom.

Each of these audio examples were improvised live, and were accompanied by a nice light show!

Audio Examples

  >   Slippery Symphony MP3
  >   Sci-Fi Sound Effects MP3
  >   Cathedral Pipe Organ MP3
  >   Pure Bliss MP3
  >   Space Age Music MP3
  >   Winding Up MP3
  >   Wind Chimes and Drums MP3


Watch here for some videos of Zen Music in action, coming soon!

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