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Zen Mandelbrot continually creates new and unique fractal portraits that are never the same twice, and unique to only your computer. When a pattern emerges, know that you are the first in the world to ever see the artwork presented. You can guide the image generation in numerous ways to suite your tastes. In this way, it's like having dozens of different fractal screen savers all in one program. Here are just a few of the many 'screen savers' you will get when you install Zen Mandelbrot...

Zen Mandelbrot's Basic Fractal   Basic Mandelbrot

See the original Mandelbrot factal in simple smoothly shaded colors.


Zen Mandelbrot's Higher Order Fractals   Higher Order Fractals

By using higher powers, create images with multi-way symmetry for an entirely different feel.

Zen Mandelbrot's Textured Fractals   Textured Fractals

Fill your fractals with dots, squares, branches, sequins, and who knows all what else with custom levels of random texturization.

Zen Mandelbrot's 3D Landscapes   3D Landscapes

Enable landscape shading to generate the three-dimensional feel to the images to make them pop right out of the display!

Zen Mandelbrot's Unlimited Color Combinations   Unlimited Color Combinations

Control the types of colors used, from vivid pure tones to soft bright pastels; from one or two shades to dozens at once; from softly shifting hues to wildly animated color changes.

Zen Mandelbrot's Customized Complexity   Customized Complexity

Show forms that are simple, or those that zoom deep into the Mandelbrot Set as in this image.

Zen Mandelbrot's Cheese   Unexpected Images

Watch patterns emerge that are often beautiful, but never "cheesy" (well, almost never).