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  SOME FREE PROGRAMS (in beta now)

Here's a couple of fun programs that let you enjoy the beauty of Zen Light and Zen Mandelbrot right on your desktop, without having to wait for the screen saver to start up. You can also drag and drop in any saved .zen file to watch it.

Zen Light Home

Zen Light Window (for Windows 7, Vista, and XP)

Zen Light Window is a free companion program to the Zen Light screen saver. If you have purchased the screen saver, then you'll be able to see the current pattern in a window on your desktop. But even if you haven't gotten Zen Light yet, there are several fun settings to try. You can resize the window to any size. Click near the top of the window to move it. Right-click on the window to bring up a menu. That's it!

Zen Wind Chimes Icon

Zen Chimes Classic (for Windows 7, Vista, and XP)

Known just as "Wind Chimes" by Syntrillium in a previous incarnation, I'm now making this free! Currently there is no help file or Setup... just a single ZenChimnesClassic.exe.

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