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  PATTERN Settings

Each starting pattern is like a unique screen saver in itself. Patterns dictate when, where, and how new dots will be formed. Experiment with different pattern styles, and don't be afraid to adjust all the extra customization settings specific to the pattern style chosen.

Pattern Style Each pattern style has it's own unique character. But because of the great variability in all the other settings, a nearly infinite number of configurations can be created using just a single pattern style (especially Draw, which let's you create your own paths by drawing directly on the preview).

Pattern Motion This determines the overall motion that groups of dots follow.  At the simplest, Static, the patterns generated do not vary too much.  Areas on the screen with lots of activity generally continue to have lots activity while areas with low activity or little change in activity remain that way. With Linear, the areas of activity move in a predictable pattern, while with Organic the active areas move in a non-predictable pattern.  With Recursive motion, the areas of activity generally follow the areas of dot concentration which keep the patterns very active. The Circular pattern, as you may have guessed, causes active areas to move around in a circular fashion. Finally, Warp will periodically and randomly change the locations of activity.

Choose Natural, Clockwork, Waves, Digital, or Directional to control how the activity level changes over time. Clockwork and Waves will give the most ordered / predictable looking effects, while Natural is more unpredictable. Just experiment with these and see how it looks!

Extra Twist This is a subtle effect, but when enabled, dots tend to have more local flare outs, leading to more twisty patterns depending on the viscosity.

Wrap and MobiusImproved screen wrapping can be performed by checking 'Wrap', giving a truer toroidal world. Check 'Mobius' to flip left/right or up/down the dots as they wrap around the screen.

Pace Some Motion settings (Linear, Organic, Circular and Warp) allow for the pace of the activity to be set, anywhere from a "Leisurely Pace" to "Frantic". As the name implies, the more frantic the pace, the faster the patterns will morph and change.

Customization Each pattern may have up to five more settings specific to that pattern. These are meant for experimentation and exploration, to just tweak and see what happens. One pattern style of note is "Draw", which lets you draw any shape in the preview window with your mouse! New dots will emit from your drawing. Just try different ones and see what happens!