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  COLOR Settings

If patterns are too bright or too dark, adjust the color algorithms here. Sliders moved to the left will darken, while moved to the right will brighten.

Subtle Colors to BrightThis slider affects how quickly a dot will be brightened based on its speed.

Pure Tones to PastelsBasically it does just that - for mroe 'bright' pure colors, slide to the left... for more washed out pastel like colors, slide to the right.

Point MagnitudeIf you slide this to the left, then an individual point will not be colored at full magnitude. This is useful to get color layering effects where many dots close together are required to make brighter patches. If lowering this setting, it is best not to use 'Quick and Dirty' trails (see Display).

GammaLower gamma settings will bring out fainter details at the expense of vibrant colors. Conversely, higher gamma settings will produce more vivid colors, but the detail may get washed out or pushed into the blackness. The Balanced setting then does pretty much what it says... giving good color with detail. But if you need to enhance the detail, or make things just that much more intense, adjust this setting.

Field Based ColorIf checked, dots that are closer together are colored in a similar fashion. Otherwise, dots are colored based on their direction of travel.

White BackgroundThis just inverts all colors in the image so drawings are mostly on a white background instead of black. These patterns may be easier to print because of the white background.

New Dots ColorNewly generated dots can be anywhere from always black, to a random color between black and white, or always bright white.