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  AUDIO Settings

Zen Light can monitor your default audio input (record) device and will try to adjust the current pattern to fit the msuic.

When turned on, you should see dancing bars above if audiois being heard. If you play audio and see nothing, check that the proper device is selected, and that it is set to record "what you hear" in the sound card's audio settings.

Audio SyncTurn this feature on to activate.

SensitivityThis controls how reactive the display is to the music. Different patterns may look better with greater or lesser audio sensitivity. At the least sensitive, patterms will closely match those as if Audio Sync is turned off.

SelectivityCertain settings are adjusted dynamically in real time to the music based on frequencies in the music being played. With broader selectivity, a broader range of frequencies will activate a particular setting. Narrower settings may give a better feel of the music changing the patterns, while broader settings will guarantee at least 'something' will happen, even with solo instrumentation.

Bars DisplayIf Zen Light can hear your music, you should see colorful bars dance along with the music.

DevicesClick this to make sure your audio recording device is chosen correctly. Simply play music using your favorite app, then choose the proper recording device. You may also have to set your audio device to record 'what you hear'.