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Here you can adjust your system settings, such as the resolution to use, which monitor to use as your primary active display, and the maximum frame rate. You may want to lower the frame rate as an alternative to lowering the Max CPU Usage to save some power and use less CPU horsepower at the expense of the images not updating as quickly. You may also just want to slow the im\age progression down to enjoy patterns longer before they change. All settings on this page affect the overal drawing of every pattern shown, and these settings are not saved when adding a Favorite.

Active MonitorFor multi-monitor systems, you can choose which monitor will show the live motion, while other monitor(s) will show snapshots from the main display every few seconds.

ResolutionTo speed up drawing, a lower resolution may be chosen, or to increase the level of detail, a higher resolution can be chosen, up to the resolution of your current Windows settings.

SnapshotsChoose the way new snapshots will appear on the other monitors (Fade In will slowly fade to the next image, Reveal will slwoly load in the next image from top to bottom, and Flip will instantly switch to the next image).

OpenGLChoose to use GDI or OpenGL always, or choose the default of only using OpenGL if the resolution is lower than 100% and scaling needs to be performed. Also, some older systems may not display using OpenGL properly (the display may show up as completely white or black, with now interesting images being displayed). If this happens, choose 'Use GDI always'.

High Accuracy PreviewNow see exactly how everything will look when full screen. Some patterns look different at lower resolutions, including in the preview window. With this setting, Zen Light is run at full screen resolution, then sized down to the preview window.

Limit Frame RateChoose the maximum frame rate for any drawing. Use lower values to slow the progression of the patterns, or to save on CPU cycles.

You may also choose to show a clock or zodiac over the display (the zodiac spins once per year). You can resize the clock by clicking on its dial and dragging to a new size, or move it by clicking in the middle and dragging around.

Choose a Save Folder where images and their associated .zen configuration file will be saved. While watching the screen saver, press the F12 key (or the 'P' key) at any time to save a snapshot to the folder you specify. You can choose a filename prefix to start each file with as well (Zen Light will add a 4-digit number following your text to build the file name used).

In the registered version, you can enter any number of messages you would like to make appear on the screen at given intervals. Use this dialog to enter any custom messages you would like to periodically display on you screen while Snoqualmie is active. You can use this feature for displaying things like “Out to lunch”, or “Back in 5 minutes”, or even “If I’m not back in 10 minutes, go on without me”.

Under the Messages edit box you will find controls for font style and the frequency with which messages are displayed.

Each new line (pressing the Enter key) begins a new message. You can create multiple line messages by inserting “\r” wherever you wish a line break to appear.