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  DISPLAY Settings

Control interesting aspects of the overall display. Choose the shape of the dot to use, as well as how long the trails they leave are, and how fuzzy the trails become as time progresses.

A Gamma control is available to bring out more detail, or to enhance the vibrance.

Dot StyleThis is the shape to be used for a single particle. Pixels are the most basic, with particle always represented by a single screen pixel. Points on the other hand can live between pixels (e.g. a point may take 4 pixels to draw accurately). In general, Points will look cleaner and sharper than Pixels, but Pixels will draw faster. All the other shapes are larger than a point, with each having some unique qualities that can make a design stand out more if using one over the other.

Leave TrailsIf checked, each dot will have a ghostly tail following it, with longer tails for higher settings.

DitherIf checked, trails will be even longer, but with a random dithered texture instead of being smooth. If you want trails that are extraordinarily long, then try using dither.

FuzzinessThe tails of dots will dispurse out getting blurrier and blurrier. Higher settings will give a more foggy/misty look to the designs.

Quick-n-DirtyFor trails that are not fuzzy, you may get a higher frame rate (smoother motion) if this is checked. But, because operations are performed as 8-bit instead of 16-bit, colors and fading (with longer trails) may suffer.

ShimmeringAdd some glimmer, glitter, or shine effects. For more vivid results, reduce the color brightness down to more 'Subtle Colors' in the Color tab.